Crystal clear and warm Pacific waters, something that can be enjoyed by people of almost all ages. Beginner snorkeling is quick to learn so anyone can enjoy the sport on their very first try and head out alongside more experienced snorkelers to explore and discover incredible tropical eco-systems plus secluded islands and beaches on a variety of excursions. State-of-the-art equipment is provided on excursions and experienced guides assist snorkelers of all skill levels so that everyone enjoys a safe, fun, memorable experience.


Just below the ocean’s surface in beautiful Banderas Bay Mexico you’ll find some of the warm Pacific Ocean’s most stunning marine life – an amazing underwater world just waiting for you to discover


Marietas Islands


Not far offshore from Punta Mita lies Marietas Islands, an uninhabited protected National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers stunning opportunities for snorkeling, including the world famous “Hidden Beach,” a natural cavernous shell with a pristine hidden white sandy beach and beautifully clear turquoise waters. Snorkeling Marietas Islands is also quite popular offering a plethora of amazing underwater sights from tropical fish and coral reefs, to underwater caves, sea turtles and more.


Sayulita Snorkeling


Pristine hidden sandy beaches like Punta Sayulita and Playa Los Muertos, just a short hike from the coastal town of Sayulita, offer excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities from shore. There are also plenty of boating excursions that you can book to enjoy open water snorkeling in and around Sayulita, one of Nayarit’s most underrated vacation destinations.


Punta Los Arcos

is a quick walk from Sayulita's main beach, just follow the road around the bay to the front of Hotel Villa Amor. Between the hotel entrance and the road to the cemetery are plenty of entry points to wade/swim out and explore the rocks and aquatic life just beneath the surface. The waves are gentle here and you can spend hours observing the variety of fish and sea creatures right here in the Sayulita bay.


Playa de Los Muertos

Continue past the cemetery on to Playa de Los Muertos, which is very popular with Mexican families and a safe swimming beach. Huge rocks protect it on both sides. Las Cargadas is the tiny beach past the rocks to the south. From the beach look to the south and you will see three or four rock islands. All of these provide for great Sayulita snorkel adventures.



Starting at the cemetery, its your second right turn. Through town, follow Niños Heroes until it enters the jungle and make the first left turn. This is an uphill 40-minute walk. If the waves are calm enough, the point on the south end of the beach offers chances to see much larger fish than in the Sayulita bay.



- maximum 9 people


- Marietas Islands is one

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blue footed boobies (Bluefoot booby) and diversity of fish and meet the cave of love

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