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Come and surf with us, where you'll find plenty of locations that offer exceptional surfing for beginners plus pro surfing for the more experienced surfer! The Nayarit area of Mexico's Pacific West Coast is blessed with many high quality break point surf locations and reef breaks that provide amazing variety and a premier experience for beginners and pro surfers alike.


Enjoy a Sayulita vacation and try paddle surfing, short board surfing, longboard surfing, or even big wave body surfing!


Mexico's Pacific coast offers some of Central America's best surfing locations. In fact, there are different surf "breaks" from Anclote to Sayulita, providing surfers of all skill levels with many options; from zippy reefs, to perfect point breaks and fun beach breaks.

Traditional short board surfing as well as longboard surfing and stand-up paddle surfing are all very popular. This is a great way to test drive one of Sayulita’s more popular Water Activities. More experienced surfers can try big wave surfing alongside the many pro surfers that come here to take advantage of hottest surfing spots.


Here are some of the most frequented surfing locations in the area. Catch a wave, ride the top of the surf, and feel the spray as you experience the thrill of a lifetime!


Surfing in the South


The Cove offers some prime surfing. In fact, many of the local surfing guides say The Cove is the best surfing break in the entire area! It's best to surf at high tide since the low tide may be a little shallow.


La Lancha is another great location for longboard surfing, especially with the incoming tide or the outgoing tide.


Punta Burros is located at Palladium Vallarta Resort and is an extremely popular surfing spot because it is easily accessible, and it is great for both short board surfing and longboard surfing! The right side offers a longer, softer pitch and the best surfing is at high tide but you can surf Punta Burros practically anytime.


Los Veneros is located further south and is considered by many to be a classic reef break. This is a preferred surfing spot for short board surfing but you can also enjoy longboard surfing here.


Surfing in the North


San Pancho it is possible to catch point breaks off the headland at either end of the beach and there is a beach break in front of the lagoon closest to town, but it is very important to always remember the strong undertow.


Chacala: if you hit it right, the south end of the main beach at Chacala offers a rideable barrel (left and right), but only available at the beginning and the end of a swell period. It is not so good at a peak swell because they close out quickly onto the sandy bottom. Is the place where you can ride the perfect left.



- I knows every point breaks from north to south

- Maximum is 9 persons with surfboards the boat has soft rack to fit the boards nice and easy.

- Drinks included.

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